Story of Birbal and Thief, akbar birbal stories in english

akbar birbal stories in english

akbar birbal stories in english, Story of Birbal and Thief, Akbar was roaming in the palace, today he was having trouble, he was very upset about anything, only Birbal came.

Akbar birbal stories in english

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Story of Birbal and Thief

he asks Akbar, that you have some problem, because you are feeling very upset, Akbar says That is, I am disturbed one thing, last night I feel that someone had come, but he could not see him, Birbal says that he has taken something, Akbar was thinking about this thing, that’s him It seemed that he did not take anything But I think that he must have come to take something,



Birbal looked at everywhere, he had to find them for which he would have come, but when he saw many Birbal was seen, which he probably wanted to take, or it could be that he did not take it. It is found, Akbar says that some have come, Birbal says that this picture may be, Akbar sees that picture, but he was not able to see anything, he looks fine, but Birbal It is said that this picture is,



Because if you look at it carefully, then you see that this picture has been removed from here, Akbar carefully observes, then he also sees that this picture has been removed, after that Akbar sees. What’s in it, is called Birbal I think this picture has been changed, because this picture is not that, Akbar was also feeling, or it has happened, but such a person can do it, everybody is there, we are also on anyone It can not say that he has stolen,


Birbal says that you do not worry, we will soon find out who can be a thief, Birbal keeps an eye on everyone because he is still inside the palace, he is outside I did not come from, I think that he is a man inside, Birbal searches for him, but today he does not get anybody but he does his best, so that the man can be traced, today he has There was no answer, Akbar says Of us will find out soon,



Birbal again tried again the next day, this time he gets to know who can be a thief, he keeps track of the person, so that the thief can be traced, the man was doing something differently, He had something, which he was hiding. Birbal goes to him, asks him what you have, then he is scared, he has a piece of photograph which was engaged in Akbar’s palace, Birbal calls Akbar, after which the thief gets caught is,


Akbar says that I do not know that you catch the thief very soon, that thief appears very soon, Birbal says that I had taken two days, enough time to catch that thief After that the thief could be captured, Akbar knew that Birbal could do this work, that means to steal that picture, to defeat the king’s pearl, which he could not get, Story of Birbal and Thief, Akbar birbal stories in english, If you liked this story then Can also share.



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