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reading comprehension passages

It is strange that according to his position on life, an extravagant man is admired or despised. a successful business-man does nothing to increase his popularity by being careful with his money. he is expected to display his success, to have a smart car, an expensive life, and to be lavish with hospitality. if he is not so, he is considered mean, and his reputation in business may even suffer in consequence. the paradox remains that if he not been careful with his money in the first place, he would never have achieved his present wealth.

Among the low income group a different set of values exists. the young clerk who makes his wife a present of a new dress when he hasn't paid his house rent, is condemned as extravagant carefulness with money to the point of mean-ness is applauded as a virtue.

nothing in his life is considered more worth than paying his bills. the ideal wife for such a man separates her housekeeping money in to joyless little piles so much for rent for Brent, for food, for the children shoes she is able to face the milkman with equanimity every month, satisfied with her economizing ways and never knows the guilt of buying some thing she can't really afford.

As for myself, i fall into neither of these categories. if i have money to spare, i can be extravagant but when as is usually thecae, i am hard up, then i am the meanest man imaginable.

reading comprehension passages

1- in the opinion of the writer a successful businessman?

Get Answer should not bother about his popularity.

2-The phrase lavish with his hospitality in the fifth sentence of the first paragraph signifies?

Get Answer extravagance in entertaining guests.

3-We understand from the passage that?

Get Answer thrift may lead to success

4-It seems that low paid people should?

Get Answer feel guilty if they overspend.

5-The word paradox in the last sentence of the first paragraph means?

Get Answer statement based on the popular opinion.

6-How does the house wife described by the writer, feel when she saves money? she....

Get Answer wishes life were less burdensome

7-which of the following is opposite in meaning to the word applauded in the passage?

Get Answer humiliated

8-the statement she is able to face the milkman with equanimity implies that?

Get Answer she is not upset she as has been paying the milkman his dues regularly.

9-As far as money is concerned, we get the impression that the writer?

Get Answer is incapable of saving anything.

10-Which of the following would be the most suitable title for the passage?

Get Answer extravagance leads to poverty.

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